Voter registration deadline for SC Dems today

scdp-logoSouth Carolina Democrats, today is your final day to register to vote and still be able to participate in the party’s Feb. 27 presidential primary.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and Chicago Businessman Willie Wilson will appear on the South Carolina Democratic Party ballot.

According to Sumter County Election Commission/Voter Registration director Pat Jefferson, anyone registering to vote between Jan. 21 and Jan. 27 will appear on a supplemental list poll workers will have at each precinct. While voters appearing on this list will be able to participate in the Democratic primary, they will not be able to vote in the Republican primary, as they would have missed the 30-day deadline for registration.

Voters in either primary are reminded that state law also requires they present a valid photo ID when going to the polls.

Today’s deadline does not affect registration for the primaries later this year for local and statewide offices. Those elections will be held on June 14, and voters wishing to participate in those partisan primaries will have until May 14 to register. In fact, because both the South Carolina Republican Party and the South Carolina Democratic Party separated their presidential primaries from the rest of their ballots, state voters can decide to participate in one party’s presidential election and then switch over to the other party’s local primary ballot in June.

Sumter County residents still looking to register can do so online, or at the Sumter County Voter Registration/Election Commission offices in Room 114 of the Sumter County Courthouse on North Main Street in downtown Sumter, and can contact the office at (803) 436-2310. Their offices are open today until 5 p.m.

Unregistered voters not wishing to submit their registration information online can also obtain a voter registration form here.

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