Trump edges Clinton in Sumter Citizen readers’ poll

toptrumpRepublican nominee Donald Trump came out the slight favorite of Sumter Citizen readers in the latest poll gauging which candidates are garnering the most local support.

In receiving 45.1 percent of the votes cast in the week-long survey, Trump was a slightly favored choice by our readers over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who garnered 43.1 percent support.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson led the group of the third-party candidates that were also an option to our readers to support in the poll.  The former New Mexico governor received 6.3 percent support from readers, while both Green party nominee Jill Stein received 1.4 percent.  Evan McMullin, the independent candidate who received support from the American Independence Party of South Carolina to gain access to the ballot, did not receive any support.

Undecided voters made up 2.8 percent of respondents, while another 1.4 percent said they would be supporting another unlisted candidate.

The poll was available to readers from Sept. 21 to Sept. 27, meaning a large majority of the votes were cast before the first televised debate between the Democratic and Republican nominees.

As we have pointed out with all of our previous surveys, the Sumter Citizen online poll should not be confused to be a scientific survey, but rather a snapshot gauge of the social media activity of each candidate’s supporters.

The focus of the Sumter Citizen readers’ poll continues to look at federal races, but this time a more localized one, as we once again evaluate the U.S. House of Representatives South Carolina District 5 race between Republican incumbent Mick Mulvaney and Democratic challenger Fran Person.  Voting in this poll will be open until Oct. 4.

To participate in that poll, simply follow this link.

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