Sumter Ward 4 voters head to the polls one more time Tuesday

You might have thought the 2016 election season was behind us, but for City of Sumter Ward 4 residents, there’s one more trip to the polls set for Tuesday, where the two remaining candidates vying for Sumter City Council are seeking election.

The single contest on Tuesday’s ballot pits Steve Corley and Randolph “Randy” Black against each other, as the two men were forced into a runoff by the Nov. 8 general election results.

In earning his place on the ballot, Corley led the group of four candidates vying to replace outgoing councilwoman Colleen Yates by receiving 670 votes from his constituents, earning 34.5 percent of the vote, while Black received 480 votes, garnering 24.7 percent support.  In doing so, Black narrowly defeated Melissa Evans for the final position on the ballot by a mere 16 votes.

Unlike most general elections which only require a candidate to receive a plurality of the votes, Sumter municipal election law forces candidates to garner a majority of the electorate, thus forcing Tuesday’s election.

The Ward 4 area of the city of Sumter includes the city’s historical district and surrounding communities.  While not uniformly shaped, the ward borders consist roughly of Liberty Drive to the south , Guignard Drive to the west, either Lafayette or Bagnal Drive (depending on the neighborhood) to the east, and to the north by North Pike (although many of the neighborhoods adjacent to North Pike are not included in Ward 4.)

Sumter precincts in the Ward 4 area includes a large portion of four precincts – Swan Lake, Hampton Park, Morris College and Crosswell – as well as smaller portions of the Mulberry, Folsom Park, Burns-Downs, Losing, Magnolia-Harmony, South Liberty, and Shaw precincts.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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