Sumter announces repairs to water lines scheduled for Millwood area

Sumter public works officials have announced plans to repair water lines in the southwest section of the city this week.

According to the city, repairs will begin on Wednesday, Feb. 1, and continue through Thursday, Feb. 2, in the Millwood Gardens subdivision.  City officials are warning area residents ahead of time there will be minor service interruptions to customers during the repairs, and that residents in the area could experience some red water during while they work on the underground pipes.

The water line repairs come as several Sumter residents, many of which live in the southwest portion of the city, have been making complaints about the quality of their water.  At the last city council meeting, approximately a half dozen of the area’s residents expressed their displeasure, complaining to council members that they are having to cope with water tinted anywhere from yellow to brown coming out of their pipes.

Before the public comment portion of their recent meeting began, city officials tried to preempt some of the complaints by saying they have been working vigorously to address the issue, and that recent water tests have shown the city water supply within proper environmental standards.

Water quality complaints have boiled over to county council members, who at their last meeting began discussing ways to address the concerns of city residents.

City officials ask anyone with any questions or concerns about their water quality or this current project to contact the City of Sumter Public Services Department at (803) 436-2558.

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