SLT auditions for upcoming musical “The Producers” announced

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply can’t figure out where you went right.

So begins the premise of Sumter Little Theatre’s next production, the musical comedy “The Producers,” for which the local theatre will be holding a series of auditions, beginning Monday, Feb. 13.

The Mel Brooks penned production, which, in true fashion for the comedic legend is a musical based on a movie…about a musical (which, of course, was turned into a movie again), features the story of Max Bialystock, a down-and-out musical producer attempting to find success on Broadway.  When Max meets Leo Bloom, an accountant of questionable integrity, the two determine they can make far more money producing a flop on Broadway than they could with any hit show.

Despite their best efforts – picking the worst script, worst actors and worst director they can find all while trying to offend any possible audience – their stage show, “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden” becomes a smash.

Directed by Carmella Bryan, SLT’s production of the award-winning play will require a cast of male and female actors and singers of various ages.  In total, SLT will hold four days of auditions – Feb. 13, 14, 20 and 21 – to provide multiple opportunities for anyone wishing to participate.  All auditions will be at Sumter Little Theatre on Mood Avenue, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

While prior musical theatre experience is not required, those auditioning for musical parts will be expected to have a prepared vocal piece of their choosing for the audition, and may bring their music score with them for accompaniment.  For those not interested in a musical role, the production will also need adult extras for smaller roles.

Production dates for “The Producers” will be May 25-28 and June1 -4, 2017

 Anyone with questions about the upcoming production, or interested in any of the theatrical efforts of Sumter Little Theatre, can visit the Sumter Little Theatre website or call either the theatre at (803) 775-2150.  Those with additional questions about the upcoming production can also contact Bryan either at (803) 983-9349 or via email at

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