Saving at the pump: Sumter reporting some of the lowest gas prices nationwide

It’s a situation hundreds, if not thousands, of Sumterites face on a daily basis: they’re getting ready to drive out of town for the day, whether it’s on their commute to work, or for school, or to go shopping, and as they get into their car they notice their dashboard telling them that at some point, they’re going to have to stop for gas.  It’s at this moment they ask themselves, should I get gas in Sumter before I hit the road, or wait until I get where I’m going?

According to at least one recent report, the answer is simple: Sumter residents should almost always choose to fill up at home.

This conclusion comes after analysts with Gas Buddy posted on their site Monday that, out of the 455 cities evaluated in the United States, Sumter currently has the third-lowest average price for consumer gasoline.  Sitting just above $2.06, Sumter trails only fellow South Carolina cities Aiken and Rock Hill the least expensive gas in America.  And with these being the top three cities, it shouldn’t be surprising that South Carolina also has the lowest statewide average price, slightly ahead of Oklahoma.

The most expensive prices, also not terribly surprising because of shipping costs, are found in Kahului, Hawai’i.  Slightly more shocking is that the California towns of San Luis Obispo and San Francisco, both with average prices around $2.95, have gas more expensive than in Honolulu.

Gas prices have always been one of the most closely watched commodities when it comes to price, and Gas Buddy calculates their averages based on an estimated two million daily crowdsourced reports. It’s a bit of a national pastime, examining the posted prices as we drive past a set of pumps.

No matter where you are in the country, you can pull in to a filling station and, with very little effort, likely be able to meet someone willing to tell you where they think the really inexpensive gas can be found. But with current trends being what they are, if this gas station oracle doesn’t reference the Gamecock City, you’ll know they’re wrong.

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