Pinewood teacher hoping simple product will help improve students’ learning

jones-classroomAsk almost any teacher, especially those working in our elementary schools, and they’ll tell you one of the more difficult factors in their job is getting students to focus on the learning at hand.

“Many of my students struggle with a variety of sensory processing disorders with ADHD being the most prevalent,” said Kendall Jones, fourth-grade teacher at Manchester Elementary School in Pinewood which serves one of the poorer communities in the Sumter School District. “The result is a group of students who are bright and brilliant, but seldom work to their full potential because of behavior problems that arise and are difficult for the students to control.”

Jones, however, believes she has found a simple product to help ease some of these issues in the classroom, and she’s looking for your support.

What the elementary school teacher would like to do is equip all of her students’ desks with a simple yet innovate product called Bouncy Bands. Invented by a school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, these simple bands run underneath students’ desks and don’t restrain students in any way, but provide them the ability to release their extra energy by allowing them to bounce their feet and stretch their legs for quiet movement.  With this, students’ fidgeting subsides, and students and teachers are able to focus on the learning at hand.

Jones described the bands as “discreet and quiet, and are a great way for students to self-soothe and stay focused, thus enhancing their learning experience.”

The product was awarded a 2016 National Product Parenting Award for its simplicity and effectiveness, and has received several endorsements from teachers already using the bands in their classrooms.

To help support the students in Jones’ classroom, simply follow this link, and click here to learn more about the NPPA award for the bands.

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