No, Trump isn’t coming to Sumter this week

One of the things we love about operating a free news website is that every story, in its entirety, is available to anyone, anytime online.  It’s something we pride ourselves on, and this includes our entire archive, which at this point is at about 200 stories, dating back to last year when we were first but a simple political blog trying to find our way in the big, scary internet world.

Readers have responded, telling us they like the ability to peruse our archives, catching up on stories they might have missed the first time.  To that, we’re glad, and we will continue to make them available for all the world to see.  Even the silly ones we’d rather take down.

This being said, we were a little surprised to see a slight uptick in readership for one of our stories, dating back to last year, announcing Donald Trump was coming to Sumter.

Don’t get us wrong, that short simple story was one of first proud moments, getting the scoop literally days before any other media outlet.  Not only were we able to announce the coming of a Presidential candidate to the Gamecock City (like we also did for Bush, Clinton and Sanders), but we were able to provide links in the story so that readers, should they choose, could register for tickets to the ultimately sold-out show.

For a very long time, that story was the most read post on Sumter Citizen.  It proved to us not only was there a demand for a site like this, but it gave us a target to try to obtain with our future endeavors.  Since then, we’ve reached that target several times, and for that, we thank you.

But something interesting started happening earlier this week: slowly, gradually, people started reading the old post again. Before we knew it, thousands (yes, thousands) of people had clicked on the year-old Trumpian report.

At first, we thought perhaps people were reminiscing about the 2016 campaign. (We still can’t quite wrap our head around that explanation, either, but couldn’t just disregard it.  After all, we’re Cubs fan, so we know stranger things can happen.)   But then we noticed hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people were following the link in the dated story to try to register for tickets, despite the fact that the story makes it abundantly clear the event was before the South Carolina primary.  At that time, as far as we knew, we could have had President Rubio, or President Sanders, or President Chaffee.  Ok, maybe not that last one.

Some readers recently have even gone so far as to post in the comments section of the story (and, trust us, the comments section on some of our stories can get both insightful and pretty fun to read.  Take a look at one of our latest stories to see what we mean. ) expressing their pleasure or disdain with the possibility of President Trump returning to Sumter.

So, just in case you have someone ask you, let’s be clear: President Trump (unless you know something we don’t, but for some reason think we do) is not coming to Sumter this week.  Or next week, as far as we know.

Now, readers that are looking for hidden gems among our archives, might we suggest some of these lesser read stories from months ago, like this one that predicted Trump would win the White House because the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl (last year’s Super Bowl), or this one about professional wrestlers appearing in one of the greatest political ads of 2016, or this one that gives away some media trade secrets and tells you what reporters are really saying with some of their commonly-used phrases.

If you want, read them, and (hopefully) enjoy.  Meanwhile, we promise, should the President decide to return to Sumter anytime soon, we’ll be happy to let you know.

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