Local SNAP recipients now eligible to apply for replacement food benefits

snap-logoSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients who lost food because of a power outage caused by Hurricane Matthew can apply for replacement of their October benefits, the South Carolina Department of Social Services is informing local citizens.

In order to qualify, SNAP recipients must be able to show that they were without power for at least four hours during the storm.

According to DSS, SNAP recipients must apply for a replacement in person at their local county DSS office.  When applying for the replacement, DSS says applicants will have to provide some form of verification that their home was in the affected areas, and that they suffered a loss of food.  DSS says types of verification include a news article (like this one here), a letter from the Red Cross or a food bank, a website printout showing outage or loss (a snapshot of Duke Energy’s power outage map from Saturday afternoon was included with this story), a letter from a landlord, a letter from an Insurance Company or a letter from their power utility.

This replenishment of October benefits should not be confused with a Disaster SNAP program, meaning those not already receiving SNAP will not be able to apply.

If interested in receiving SNAP benefits in the future, DSS says residents can apply for the benefits either online, in person at a county office, or by mail or fax. For information on how to apply online or download an application to print out, visit the DSS website.

The Sumter County DSS office is located at 105 N. Magnolia St. in Sumter, and is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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