FITS woes: SC politico site hacked, founder claims political sabotage

newfitsWith the South Carolina GOP primary winding down to its final days, a widely-read South Carolina based political website has crashed, and the founder and chief writer for the site is claiming it’s due to political sabotage.

Visitors to, a political website founded by Will Folks more than 10 years ago, began seeing messages Wednesday afternoon that the site had been overridden by malware. (Typically here we’d provide a link to the site we’re referencing, but, you know, malware.) On his twitter account, Folks claimed the corrupted website was due to an attack. “Week before the #SCPrimary. Unreal. Somebody spent A LOT of money to hit us w/ everything they had,” Folks tweeted.

Known for his libertarian tilt and sometimes controversial postings (and that should be read as an intentional understatement), Folks has not been afraid to publicly support candidates or call out elected officials.  In 2012, Folks endorsed Ron Paul for president and earlier this year Folks endorsed and began promoting Donald Trump via his website.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tone of FITSnews, one of the last posts he made on his site before the apparent attack concerned Gov. Nikki Haley’s endorsement of Marco Rubio, with the headline “Nikki Haley Endorses ‘Republican’ Establishment … Again.” Less than three hours later, the site was inaccessible.

The disappearance of the site has prompted a conversation on social media about which campaign, if any, is responsible for the attack on the site. Folks has not publicly stated where he believes the fault lies.

Folks started his political career working as a press secretary during the 2002 campaign for former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, also serving as the initial press secretary for Sanford. The two have since had a dramatic falling out (once again, we’d post links, but…malware). In addition to his site, during this campaign season he has also been serving as one of the “insiders” for and their site’s regular feature that takes anonymous comments from political operatives in the early primary states on how the race is progressing. We think the link is safe…

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