UPDATED FIRE ALERT: Fire in Boyle Pond closes area roads Wednesday night

A brush fire Wednesday afternoon near Boyle Pond in the Cane Savannah area of Sumter County has forced public safety officials to close St. Paul’s Church Road at the Boyle Pond bridge because of a brush fire threatening the area, covering the roads with heavy smoke.

Firefighters with the Sumter Fire Department first responded to the scene around 3:30 p.m.  Public safety workers with the South Carolina Forestry Commission also responded to the blaze, cutting breaks to protect nearby homes.

No one has been hurt in the blaze that has consumed approximately 40 acres as of 6 p.m. Friday, and none of the nearby homes have been damaged in the fire.  While nearby roads were blocked, authorities say none of the local residents were forced to evacuate.

An official cause for the blaze has yet to determined, however, firefighters were battling another brush fire nearby early in the day, leading authorities to speculate embers from the previous fire could have triggered this one.  The fire from previous in the day scorched approximately 20 acres.

Firefighters expect area roads to be closed until late Wednesday night as they continue to monitor the blaze.  Fire department officials said they also expect they will be monitoring the area for some time, as brush fires like this one are known to rekindle multiple times.

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