Faulty sensor, not a fire, triggers brief evacuation of Crestwood High

Reports of smoke in the halls as several fire trucks were sent to Crestwood High School made for an exciting afternoon for students and teachers alike Monday, leading to a brief evacuation of the campus.

Around noon Monday, a faulty sensor in the school’s electrical room set off alarms at the school, triggering the school’s protocol to evacuate students.  Firefighters from several Sumter County Fire Department stations were called to the school on Oswego Highway, in case the situation was more threatening.

Fortunately, fire officials were able to quickly locate the issue, students were never in any danger, and there was neither smoke nor fire threatening either the building or students at any time.

Shelly Galloway, spokesperson for the Sumter School District, said students were only out of class for about 10 minutes before they were given approval to return to the building.

While students typically would have had the day off for President’s Day, school cancellations back in October because of Hurricane Matthew made Monday a make-up day for students and staff.  It was during Hurricane Matthew that Sumter County Emergency Management used the Crestwood campus as an emergency shelter location, housing both local and coastal evacuees.

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